If you’re looking for a piano teacher to help you gain a rudimentary grasp of the instrument – and your ambition is to maintain a fairly carefree approach without worrying too much about the technical side, then I am sure there are plenty of music teachers who can help you … including Kathryn. She would want to understand your goal and help you accordingly.

There will be those looking for a more involved musical journey, however. You might want the incentive examinations provide, for example … and not just to ‘scrape’ a pass. And you might want a teacher who will challenge you a bit, deconstructing where you are and then rebuilding to something better than before. A teacher who will encourage you to take a rounded approach to what you’re doing rather than just mechanically producing the right sounds in the right places.

And it you’re like me, you might also want a teacher who is prepared not only to tutor, encourage, occasionally cajole and always support your five year old son (now eight) … but also do the same for you, as well as managing the sometimes challenging dynamic of providing lessons for both parent and child.

This is why I approached Kathryn … and I believe it’s why Jack and I have just passed piano Grades 3 and 4 respectively – and managed ‘Distinctions’. Yes – you have to put in the work (your teacher cannot practise for you!), but Kathryn provided the structure, encouraged repertoire and studies beyond the exam pieces and got us to think about the demands of the score and how to interpret the composer’s intentions. All of which examiners are looking for … as will discerning members of any future audience.

And it goes without saying that Kathryn’s vocal as well as instrument background is massively helpful when it comes to the aural part of exams.

Finally, how many teachers are prepared to go the extra mile? To research new music books that will help with a particular aspect of your playing? To ‘present you for examination’ with all the administration that entails? To organise concerts so that pupils gain some performance experience? To pursue further qualifications (Kathryn recently gained her CT ABRSM – the ABRSM’s Certificate of Teaching)? Kathryn is always prepared to add this kind of value and invest in her own skills.

We are fortunate to have found Kathryn … and recommend her highly.

Michael Townsend   

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My daughter Erin thoroughly enjoys her singing lessons. The improvement in her singing skills, technique and confidence under Kathryn's tuition has been fantastic - she took her first singing exam in April and gained Grade 4 with a Merit- thank you!

Clare Dodgson   

Kathryn is a great singing teacher. Her constant encouragement, knowledge and obvious love of music makes each lesson fun. Our daughter, Ella, recently took her first singing exam and with Kathryn 's support gained a distinction. Thank you.

Jane Warwick   

Friendly, positive and uplifting, inspiring, resourceful, encouraging and, more than anything, caring and attentive—those are the words that instantly come into my mind when I think of Kathryn. She is not only an exceptional alto singer and musical instrument player but also a superb music teacher who excels in bringing out her students hidden abilities. I've been learning singing from Kathryn for more than two years and never spent a lesson with her without discovering something new and exciting. How she has helped me improve my singing is absolutely amazing!

Chihiro Mizuta   

Kathryn creates a safe, relaxed environment so it feels more like a collaboration than a lesson. Learning as an adult can be daunting but Kathryn's encouraging style makes it easy to venture outside your comfort zone and try new challenges. Kathryn listened to what we wanted to achieve, has tailored to suit us and has stretched us too. This has included offering us a mix of joint and individual lessons. Kathryn is energising and it is inspiring to learn with her.

Katie and Anna